Edinburgh Physiotherapy treatment for Supraspinatus Tendinitis

Are you suffering from Supraspinatus tendinitis? Is it paining you a lot? Its type to treat is properly and nothing can serve you better than Edinburgh physiotherapy treatment. Those who don’t know, let me tell them that supraspinatus is one of the four rotator cuff muscles enclosing the shoulder. The size is quite small and it sits in the upper limb just between the shoulder blade and the scapula spine.

The supraspinatus muscle has a tendon attached to the bone and this tendon becomes inflamed because of strain, disorder and trauma. All of them are responsible for causing pain to the shoulder. If you are suffering from such a pain then it is important that you treat it properly so that you don’t have to suffer anymore. Edinburgh physiotherapy treatment will be the best option for you. Because of this medical condition, shoulder becomes stiff and it sometimes becomes difficult to deal with it. Though it can affect anyone but mostly it affects people aged between 20 to 60 years old.

One of the best ways to prevent such a condition is to avail Edinburgh physiotherapy treatment services. There are many centers located in Edinburgh and almost all the centers provide treatment for all types of pain. Though there are available many treatments for treating supraspinatus tendinitis but it is always better to cure such pain by physiotherapy treatment.

If you visit a doctor, he will recommend you with some painkillers, anti-inflammatory and acupuncture. If the situation becomes worse and goes out of control, then the doctor will recommend you with the option of surgery. But it is always better to go for physiotherapy treatment if you really want to get rid of your pain for once and all.

Physiotherapists will treat your injury with MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage) and CTM (Connective Tissue Manipulation). As tendons generally have less blood supply so it is natural that when they will be affected and damaged they will definitely not get proper blood supply for healing the process.

MLD is a type of gentle massage that makes use of stationary circles over the lymph nodes for improving the flow of lymph. Massage will stimulate the lymph system and will also enable the fluid to flow it back properly around the cells till the blood vessels.

Those suffering from supraspinatus tendinitis are requested to consult a doctor and immediately avail the best Edin physio treatment to get rid of the pain.


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